Resident Information

  1. Application for County Employment

    Find current job postings for employment with Grand Traverse County.

  2. Birth Certificate Request

    Under Michigan law, a birth record is a confidential document that requires photo identification to obtain a copy.

  3. Boardman & Sabin Dams

    In 2009, the City and County Commissions agreed at a joint session to remove the dams and delegated the task to the jurisdictional Implementation Team.

  4. Brownfield Redevelopment

    The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority is responsible for facilitating the implementation of Brownfield plans relating to the designation and treatment of Brownfield Redevelopment zones and for promoting the revitalization of environmentally distressed areas.

  5. Budget

    The County Administrator is the Chief Financial Officer for the County and is responsible for preparing the budget for consideration by the County Board of Commissioners.

  6. Commission on Aging

    We have been entrusted by the residents of Grand Traverse County to provide services and programs that support older adults in our community.

  7. Construction Code

    This office issues all of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits for Grand Traverse County.

  8. Economic Development

    The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is tasked with retaining, expanding, and attracting businesses in order to create high quality jobs in Grand Traverse County.

  9. Environmental Health 

    The Environmental Health Division of the Grand Traverse County Health Department protects the public health through programs established by the Public Health Code and local Sanitary Ordinances.

  10. Friend of the Court

    The office of the Friend of the Court assists the Court with cases involving child custody, parenting time and financial support.

  11. House Number

    Exact location is the most important factor in enabling all Emergency Services to properly respond to what you need in an emergency situation.

  12. Immunizations

    Our bodies have a natural ability to learn how to fight off many disease-causing germs. Vaccines take advantage of this ability by injecting our immune systems with harmless versions of these germs in order to jump-start our ability to confront them.

  13. Ordinances

    Access ordinances regarding boating regulations, garbage, off road vehicles, and more.

  14. Pregnancy, Infant & Children Services

    MIHP is a program that helps all Michigan women who are pregnant and on Medicaid, as well as all infants with Medicaid.

  15. Press Releases

    View press releases.

  16. Public Ice Skating at Howe Arena

    Learn how to reserve this arena and what kind of events it could be used for.

  17. Resource Recovery

    Resource Recovery is the collecting and separating of certain waste materials for processing into new forms, which will ultimately be marketed as raw materials for new products.

  18. Sheriff's Office

    The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office provides the highest quality of public service and safety in order to preserve, protect, and defend the rights of the citizens and visitors of Grand Traverse County.

  19. Street Index

    Find information on streets, County Road Ordinance number 6, and it's amendments.

  20. Traverse City Area Public Schools

    Find locations and other various information about public schools in the area.

  21. Youth Health & Wellness Center

    Find out what kind of health care services, behavior services or education services we provide.