1. 13th Circuit Court

    The Circuit Court is a state trial court where issues involving rights and responsibilities of individuals and Michigan laws are tried. Our Judges hear civil lawsuits involving the awarding of money and enforcement of rights between individuals. The Judges also try criminal cases where the state charges as felonies when laws have been broken and punishment should be imposed.

  2. 86th District Court

    The District Court, which was established by the Michigan Legislature in 1968 pursuant to constitutional mandate, has more citizen contact than any other court in our judicial system.

  3. Clerk's Office Circuit & Family Court Records

    The County Clerk’s Circuit & Family Court Records Office maintains the court records for all 13th Circuit Court’s civil, criminal and domestic cases.

  4. Family Division

    Serving under the Michigan Judicial Branch of government, the Family Division of the Circuit Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all family matters including juvenile cases.

  5. Friend of the Court

    The office of the Friend of the Court assists the Court with cases involving child custody, parenting time and financial support.

  6. Probate Court

    Learn about all the aspects the Probate Court has jurisdiction over such as wills, trusts, estates and more.

  7. Probation

    Find out what kinds of qualifications and stipulation go along with probation for different areas of the Grand Traverse County Court System.