Vacancies on Boards & Committees

Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to the future of your community? Vacancies occur on Boards and Committees throughout the County from time to time. Please consider looking at the brief descriptions of the responsibilities of all appointed Boards, then complete the application form!

Note: In most cases, only Grand Traverse County residents are eligible to serve on these boards and committees. Applications should be received at least 10 days prior to the meeting of the Ad Hoc committee charged with recommending an appointee to fill the vacancy under consideration.

Vacancies on various boards and committees serving the Grand Traverse County Area occur throughout the year with many occurring in the last quarter of each year.

Current Vacancies Include: 
    Community Mental Health (service provider) 
     Pension Advisory Board
     Veterans Administrative Board (restructuring in progress)
     Commission on Aging - New Requirements **
     **  The Commission on Aging was redesigned on December 7, 2016.  The new Board will consist of four members that have professional knowledge and training in the following areas:  Healthcare, Compliance/Legal Requirements of Contracts, Accounting and Financial Expertise and Member of a partner agency that works in coordination with the Commission on Aging.
Terms will expire between now and the end of the year (2017) on the following Boards:
       Traverse Area Library Board                                                  Economic Development Corporation
        Parks & Recreation Commission                                            Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA)
        Airport Commission                                                                Board of Public Works
        Planning Commission                                                            Community Corrections
        Brownfield Redevelopment Authority 

Please consider submitting your application by September 30th for consideration! 

Submitting Applications  

Please submit applications/resumes online (application form) or to County Administration by fax at
231-922-4636, or in person at:
Governmental Center
400 Boardman Avenue
Traverse City, MI 49684

Call County Administration at 231-922-4797 if you have additional questions.