Death Records

Availability of Records
Records are open to the public. No ID is required. Deaths that have occurred in Grand Traverse County between 1867 to present are recorded with the County Clerk's office.

Requesting Records
We can process requests made through mail, email, fax or in person at our office. You can view death records that are 75 years old or older, as per MCL 333.2885, during our research hours between:
  • Monday - Friday
  • 8:30 a.m. to Noon and 2 - 4:30 p.m.
You can purchase a certified copy of any death record even if it is less than 75 years old. The fee for a certified copy is $15 for the 1st copy and $5 for each additional copy of the same record. Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit or debit card.

Online Death Record Index
View the death record index to view a complete listing of records.

Rescinding a Principal Residence Exemption
If a loved one has passed away and they owned a home in Grand Traverse County, the heirs may need to rescind the Principal Residence Exemption on the property. Please view the Grand Traverse County Treasurer’s page for more information.