1. Civil Division

    The action for general civil, small claims or landlord-tenant must be filed in the District Court in the county where the premises are located.

  2. Community Corrections

    Community Corrections applications reduce prison overcrowding and control jail populations, thus saving taxpayer money. By addressing the needs of the offender for substance abuse treatment, life and employment skills, as well as providing education and housing opportunities, offenders are better equipped to re-integrate back into the community and recidivism rates are lowered.

  3. Criminal Division

    The Criminal Division is responsible for processing paperwork filed by the police departments, state law and local ordinance prosecutors.

  4. Probation Department

    Find contact information for Grand Traverse, Antrim and Leelanau County Probation Departments.

  5. Traffic Division

    Take a look at the kinds of cases that the Traffic Division handles.