1. Americans Disabilites Act-ADA

  2. Community Corrections

    Community Corrections applications reduce prison overcrowding and control jail populations, thus saving taxpayer money. By addressing the needs of the offender for substance abuse treatment, life and employment skills, as well as providing education and housing opportunities, offenders are better equipped to re-integrate back into the community and recidivism rates are lowered.

  3. Fines / Fees

    Take a look at some of the common fines and fees for various violations such as small claims, speeding, civil fees and more.

  4. Interpreter Services

    Qualified language and sign interpreters for non-English speaking and hearing impaired individuals are ordered by the Court, as mandated by Michigan Statutes.

  5. Juror Information

    Find out where to go, why you are important and what your responsibilities are as a juror.

  6. Sobriety Court

    In 2001, the 86th District Court implemented the Sobriety Court program in response to the serious community problem of drunk driving.

  7. Testing Facilities in Michigan (PDF)

    Find out where testing centers are located in your area.

  8. Drug Court