Land Development Review Committee Bylaws
Section I. Intent
Review by the Land Development Review Committee does not replace the formal review process. It is meant to be the first preliminary review bringing all agencies together.

Section II. Officers
The officers of the committee shall be the Chairman who is the County Planning Commission representative on the committee and his/her alternate. The Secretary shall be a representative of the County Planning Department.

Section III. Membership
The membership shall consist of representatives of the following agencies:
  • County Planning Commission (Grand Traverse)
  • County Health Department (Grand Traverse)
  • County Road Commission (Grand Traverse)
  • County Drain Commissioner's Office (Grand Traverse)
  • County Soil Erosion Office (Grand Traverse)
  • County Construction Code Office (Grand Traverse)
  • County Equalization and GIS (Grand Traverse)
  • County Surveyor (Grand Traverse)
  • Metro Fire Department (Grand Traverse)
  • Rural Fire Department (Grand Traverse)
  • Utilities
    • Electric
    • Natural gas
    • Water and sewer
    • Telephone
    • Cable
  • New Designs for Growth
  • Local school district
In addition, a representative of the municipality where a proposed "development" is proposed, and, where appropriate, adjacent township or county planner.

Section IV. Review Procedure
It shall be the policy of the Land Development Review Committee to consider the following: Plats, Condominium projects, Land Divisions, PUD's and similar developments submitted to the County Land Development Committee whereby notice can be given 3 weeks prior to the last Wednesday of the month.

Each agency and municipality shall be given an opportunity to submit reports and findings to the Committee verbally or in writing, to be included in the record of the Committee.

The Committee shall have the right to recommend specific items as a whole that may not have been recommended by an individual agency. The Committee may recommend the requirement of erosion control programs for individual lots.

The committee discussion in the form of minutes will be made available to the proprietor or his/her representative, the surveyor, the municipality and the County Planning Commission. Unapproved minutes will be available eight days from the date of the meeting at the County Planning Office. Minutes will be approved at the next scheduled meeting of the Land Development Review Committee.

Land Development Review
Section I. Purpose
The purpose of the Land Development Review Committee is to serve in a coordination capacity for the governmental unit, the land owner/developer and all other permitting agencies that would have permitting authority over the development.

The definition of coordination capacity is to encourage the development and presentation of as much information, data, and opinions as reasonably possible from all relevant parties of interests.

While Act 288 of P.A. 1967, as amended, provides for individual review by the various approval agencies, it does not provide for coordination between agencies to resolve conflicting recommendations nor does it provide for input from other involved agencies such as utilities, soil erosion, etc.

This results in delays in approvals by agencies, possibly increased problems relating to the needs of utilities, expensive modification of preliminary plans to meet requirements and increased expenses to the land owner/developer.

Section II. The Pre-Preliminary Plat
The pre-preliminary plat is allowed under Section 107 of Act 288 of P.A. 1967, as amended. Its purpose is to have a preliminary review of the general street layout, lot size, general drainage patterns, soil types, zoning issues, etc. (as required in Section III) for the proprietor's information. It also allows approval agencies to make recommendations to the proprietor regarding his proposed plat before expensive engineering work is undertaken and thus changes in design plans are less expensive to make.

The pre-preliminary plat should be brought before the Land Development Review Committee for those plats which are not in the township designated subdivision area where general street layout, general drainage patterns, access to utilities and provisions for water and waste water disposal have been established.

Section III. Requirements for Submittals
The committee meets the last Wednesday of the month on an as needed basis.

Seventeen copies of the plan shall be submitted to the County Planning office at least 3 weeks prior to the last Wednesday of the month along with the required application fee (non-refundable).

Copies shall be folded to allow it to fit into a 9" x 12" envelope.

The Plans shall contain the following minimum information for review:
  1. Boundary
    • Tax or fractional description
    • Show adjacent property lines/road connections
    • Known easements or restrictions
    • Zoning of principal and adjacent lands and the existing use of the principal and existing land.
    • Location Maps
  2. Topographic Information
    • U.S.G.S. contouring/wetland limits
    • Aerial photo--tree massing, physical improvements
  3. Proposed improvements
    • Type of approval, i.e., PUD, Condominium, etc.
    • Road jurisdiction--public, private, MDOT, etc. (Information as to the type of ownership of the proposed road(s) is to be clearly marked on the cover sheet of the site plan.
    • Road layout with general dimensions of curvature and radii
    • Lot layout with general dimensions and areas
    • Schematic storm water management plan
    • Schematic sewer and water provisions, hydrant locations, specifications and soils information
    • Common area structures
Adopted: April 17, 2002

Revised August 20, 2003

Revised February 15, 2005